Minimising hair breakage by up to 94%**, FIBREPLEX guarantees supreme hair quality after colouration.


We have been using FIBREPLEX technology for a while now and just love the results. FIBREPLEX is Schwarzkopf’s first bond enforcing system to protect hair from breakage during lightening, (high-)lifting or colouring process with bond creation and long-lasting colour protection.

First we start with the No.1 Bond Booster, your colourist mixes this in with the product used to colour your hair,  which protects from damage during the colouration process. Interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce strong structural bonds, and minimises hair breakage.

We then use the Fibreplex Shampoo has been specially developed to enhance the action of FIBREPLEX. Gently cleanses and restores the hair, providing intensive care to leave it feeling strong, supple and full of shine.

After this we apply the No.2 Bond Sealer. It creates new bonds within the hair fibre and seals the outer hair surface for noticeable strength, suppleness and shine. Balances pH level to perfectly lock in colour pigments for long-lasting colour protection.


There is also the No.3 Bond Maintainer.

For perfect maintenance, use FIBREPLEX N°3 Bond Maintainer twice a week at home . Shampoo the hair, apply from roots to ends, leave for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and style as usual.



**Lightening Service with FIBREPLEX vs. Lightening Service without FIBREPLEX


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